Algemeen CORE gets onboard to power Lotto Soudal in 2022

The team will be using the CORE sensors to measure accurate core body temperature.
General 05 April 2022

Lotto Soudal welcome CORE as a new team partner in 2022 and will be using their innovative sports performance technology for training and racing to measure accurate rider core body temperature. Lotto Soudal’s riders and performance management have extensively tested the CORE sensor and determined that the new insights are invaluable for helping each rider optimize their training and racing. 

The CORE sensor is a compact and discrete unit that clips onto the heart rate monitor strap and delivers highly accurate core body temperature data in realtime directly to the rider and allows both riders and performance management to analyse the rider data after training sessions and races. 

Maxime Monfort, performance manager at Lotto Soudal, is excited about this new partnership: “Within our performance department, we continuously search for ways to improve our riders’ performances. In that way, the CORE sensor is a very useful tool, which will give us a lot of helpful information. It is scientifically proven that too high a body temperature during exercise has a negative impact on performances. Thanks to the CORE sensors, in combination with other parameters such as heart rate and power, we are able to monitor and adjust where possible, the efforts of our riders even better.” 

“I am one of the early adaptors of the CORE sensor” said Victor Campenaerts, World Hour Record holder. “I have been measuring body temperature for a very long time. Before working with CORE, I measured my body temperature with a telemetric pill. Now, it is much easier and more accessible to take these measurements. Based on the data we receive from the CORE sensor, our performance team can determine specific cooling strategies. During the UCI Hour Record, the core temperature was an important parameter to obtain my best performance”.  

The performance lead for CORE, Chris Blomfield-Brown says, “The CORE sensor technology adds an important vantage point as core body temperature impacts performance. We look forward to supporting Lotto Soudal this year and enabling each rider to utilize these new insights to aide their training and racing" 

With these new insights, riders can prepare with more effective heat training in order to condition themselves and improve their performance when they get hot. The live data also helps riders counteract rising core body temperature and identify the cooling approaches best suited to them to in order to keep cool to release their untapped power. 

Find out more about CORE here.

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