ProTeam Air cleared around case Van Eetvelt

The French doping authority (AFLD) will not give any further follow-up to Van Eetvelt's case and Lennert will now resume competition as soon as possible.
General 12 May 2023
The French doping authority (AFLD) is dismissing the case of Lennert Van Eetvelt that they had started following a control on February 19th.  In recent weeks the Lotto Dstny rider was perfectly able to substantiate the use of his nasal spray and the AFLD accepted this explanation. The matter is thus off the table and Lennert will now resume competition as soon as possible.
On April 21 the French doping authority (AFLD) asked for more clarification about a substance found in Lennert Van Eetvelt's urine during a check on February 19th  at the French stage race Tour des Alpes Maritimes et du Var.
The substance referred to in the report is an authorised substance found in a nasal spray that is freely available and permitted in competition, provided it is mentioned during a check and its use complies with the leaflet. Van Eetvelt used the spray under  advicement of his doctor and had also listed the nasal spray on the doping form at the time of the control.
However, the AFLD asked for more explanation and this was provided by Lennert Van Eetvelt over the past few weeks. "I use this nasal spray sporadically in consultation with the doctor," Lennert said, "at the doping control I had also clearly indicated the nasal spray on the form. It was therefore a surprise to me that the AFLD asked questions, because frankly I shouldn't have to account for using it. I have now provided them with the demanded clarification. I was perfectly able to explain why and how often I use the spray. The doctor prescribes me this spray to treat my allergies. The substance found in my urine was perfectly explainable by this medical use. The AFLD accepted this and therefore does not pursue the matter further. Logical, as there was nothing wrong and I am a bit indignant that a case was made of this. Anyway, this is now fortunately behind us and I am happy to be able to race again. I now want to put this behind me as soon as possible."
Lotto Dstny is pleased with the quick processing in this case. "We were never worried and always confident of a good outcome," said Lotto Dstny CEO Stéphane Heulot, "Lennert was only temporarily put on non-active because of the application of the MPCC (Mouvement pour un Cyclisme Crédible) guidelines to which the team complies. In the meantime, Lennert was able to provide the additional information to the French agency. We are very happy that the AFLD has followed up this case so quickly and the file can be closed after only three weeks with no further consequences for Lennert."
Lennert Van Eetvelt resumes competition on May 24 in the Alpes Isère Tour (Fra/2.2). He will not be providing further comment and we ask that his privacy is respected. Should there be any questions about this press release contact press officer Ann Braeckman.
The team urges you to publish the correct photo with your news item this time and not a photo of a rider other than Lennert Van Eetvelt. Thank you.
Image: Photonews

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