ProTeam Arnaud De Lie is racing in Brittany: "The victory in Famenne was very important to me."

He's on a roll again: Arnaud De Lie (22) is ready for the second part of his season. After his victory in Famenne last week, the Grand Prix du Morbihan and the Tro Bro Leon in Brittany are on the agenda this weekend.
03 May 2024
Arnaud De Lie celebrated his return in Famenne last weekend immediately with a win. It not only brought him a bouquet of flowers but also euphoria, relief, and above all, a strong desire for the second part of the season. "Is everything going well? Is something still wrong? Or can I fully commit again? It's an understatement to say that the victory in Famenne was very important to me," De Lie says. "It gives me a lot of motivation."
De Lie hopes to immediately continue his momentum, with the Breton GP du Morbihan and the French version of the Strade Bianche, the Tro Bro Leon, scheduled for this weekend. "The Tro Bro Leon is a beautiful race. Very special too, there's nothing quite like it. I could have also sprinted in the Elfstedenronde in Flanders, but I love races in Brittany. I won Morbihan last year, and I finished second in the Tro Bro Leon. Of course, I know you need good cards to repeat that. I believe we have to climb the Côte de Cadoudal 13 times on Saturday. You won't make it here with mediocrity. But it would be strange to go to a race and just want to finish 'normally', no? Of course, I want to win."
Soaking up the atmosphere
Arnaud De Lie hasn't had easy weeks after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. "Especially because we didn't know what was going on at first. Usually, I recover from a race after two days, but this time my legs just kept hurting. The Lyme diagnosis clarified a lot, and I could immediately start with antibiotics, but at the same time, it's scary. Everyone knows it can be serious. It weighed on me mentally. If you break a collarbone, for example, you know what you're up against. With a positive Lyme test, you know nothing. How long have I had it, will it take long, how severely does it affect me? I was lucky that it was short-lived for me, but then I had to regain some joy in cycling. I did a small training camp in Nice, enjoyed the sun, and the good feeling slowly returned."
The victory in Famenne has already given De Lie a boost to now look forward again. "Just soaking up the atmosphere of the peloton again felt good. The fact that the whole team rides for me all day only makes it better. Max (Maxim Van Gils, ed.) kept motivating me constantly. Even when I shouted to him that I was completely exhausted, he kept saying 'Hey, come on Arnaud, find your confidence again!'. That I then win and he gets third place is just fantastic."
Picture: PhotoNews