Development Alfdan De Decker about Triptyque Ardennais: "This will be a great learning experience."

Tomorrow, the Triptyque Ardennais kicks off, a three-day cycling race in the Ardennes. Six of our first-year development riders are lining up at the start. "This will be a great learning experience," sports director Alfdan De Decker looks ahead.
Race 16 May 2024

Each of them has already explored the stages in the Ardennes. "It just shows how motivated they all are," says Alfdan De Decker. Tomorrow, the six of them will line up for the start of the three-day Ardennes race. Daniil Yakovlev, Mauro Cuylits, Milan De Ceuster, Tars Poelvoorde, Thomas Vuerinckx, and Victor Vaneeckhoutte. Each of them first-year rider from the Lotto Dstny Development Team. "This will be a good test for our young men. In recent weeks, they all rode in support of Steffen De Schuyteneer, Jarno Widar, Robin Orins… They are not here now. The Triptyque Ardennais could be a great learning experience to ride a finale themselves, to experience firsthand how to finish a race. These guys can now see for themselves how far they can go. Moreover, there will be a wide range of participants at the start, from development teams to club riders. We can really make the course there."

Sports director De Decker is bringing a classic core to the start. Only Victor Vaneeckhoutte comes from the group of climbers. "For the first stage, between the German Hellenthal just over the border and Büllingen, I expect a group of thirty, forty riders going to the finish line. For that, we have Thomas Vuerinckx as a sprinter. The second stage, on the other hand, is very tough. That's something for Victor, he has already proven to be strong on such terrain. At the same time, it will be interesting for me to see everyone at work, as I know them less on that type of course. The weather will also be a factor in the coming days. Cycling 150 kilometers in the rain, that won't be easy."


Picture: Brecht Steenhouwer