ProTeam Staff Stories - Nutritionist Britt Lambrecht: "I hope somewhere Bjorg sees me and knows that I’ve become a nutritionist."

Behind every strong rider stands an equally strong team. In our series 'Staff Stories', we would like to introduce the people who ensure that Lotto Dstny runs like a well-oiled machine every day. Today: nutritionist Britt Lambrecht.
Race 05 June 2024

“I studied Nutrition and Dietetics in Ghent, afterwards I went to the HAN in Nijmegen to study Sports and Nutrition and with that the Isak Skinfold Measurement also in the Netherlands. I started these studies because of my brother Bjorg, who was a cyclist. I wanted to know what he had to do regarding food in cycling, as there wasn’t so much known yet about it at that moment.”

“In Ghent the studies were more focused on nutrition in a hospital, so I definitely had to study something else to become a nutritionist in cycling. In my last year I did an internship with Gino Devriendt, he was a nutritionist for Lotto Dstny. I could also go to two races and the team was searching for a nutritionist so they asked if I wanted to do it. I didn’t hesitate for a second, and I’m still very grateful for the chance I got from Gino and the team.”

“We started working with Senpro, our nutrition app, where we put all info on what the riders need to eat on races and at home. My first season last year was very busy, as Gino wasn’t full time with the team. It was my dream to become a nutritionist in a cycling team, and it became reality quicker than I expected. The job gives you the opportunity to see a lot from the world and work with a lot of people, from doctors, bus drivers to soigneurs, mechanics, press officers, trainers and sports directors. The most difficult part I think is that you lose your normal rhythm when you are at a race, you go to eat late and have less sleep.”

“This year I have a new colleague Lara Van Genechten. We work super well together and the riders and races are divided between us. We are present on the most important races and the grand tours. Two cooks are also traveling with the team for some races, which makes that we are sure the riders get variation and healthy food. The better the riders communicate to us, the more easy our job is. I think we have weekly and sometimes daily contact with the riders, which make you follow them up very individually. My boyfriend Arno also races, but I think he doesn’t always like it that much that I’m a nutritionist. I make his food and he listens to me, so at some point it’s also easy.”

For Bjorg

“My brother rode for the same team, it makes it difficult but at the same time I feel close to him as I’m in the same team for which he rode. Some riders and staff worked with him so we talk about him sometimes and the memories, which is also beautiful. I hope somewhere he sees me and knows that I’ve become a nutritionist. I’m sure he would have been proud. Our dream was to work together in a cycling team. I think also my parents are proud that I follow the same path of Bjorg, and for sure they are proud that I do what I like to do.”


Pictures: Brecht Steenhouwer