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Cédric Pierrard, CEO Efficy

1. How long has Efficy been a partner of Lotto Dstny?

We’ve been partners for a few months now. We had the opportunity to be Dstny’s business partner by joining the Lotto Dstny team, and it’s been an amazing ride so far.

2. Are the expectations being fulfilled?

As far as visibility goes, yes, for sure. Our work together is improving Efficy’s brand awareness. The countries where cycling is very prevalent are also the same countries in which our company has a strong presence – Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Denmark, to name a few. This exposure helps our brand become more widespread and known.

Also, both Efficy and Lotto Dstny share the same core values: work, efficiency, team effort and diversity. We both believe that there’s unity and strength in diversity, and that the most important thing is working together towards a common goal, regardless of where we come from or where we’re based.

3. What makes Lotto Dstny unique for you?

The team is made up of a lot of young, talented and determined riders who have a positive outlook on life and truly enjoy what they do. Passion and hard work are equally as key for success – whether we talk about business or sports. It’s refreshing to see a cycling team that also values diversity and the unique traits each member brings to the team. I feel like us, as a company, can also relate to that: Efficy believes in putting people first and achieving all our goals through an efficient mindset.

4. Why is cycling, and more specifically Lotto Dstny, important for Efficy?

We have a lot of similarities. Both our companies (as well as Lotto Dstny’s main partners) have Belgium as our base, but we dream of growing and expanding on a European scale. I believe we have a good cultural fit – for us at Efficy sports have always been important for our culture and the way we run our business. We try to incorporate all the positive aspects of sports into the way we run our business and day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, so this partnership is really the epitome of all we’ve been working towards as a company these past years.