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Q&A with Liam Slock

What do you study?

Dietetics and Nutrition.

Imagine you could trade places with a celebrity for one day, who would you choose?

Lewis Hamilton. I would like to know how it feels to be a seven-time world champion. Racing with a Formula 1 car is also a big dream of mine.

What is your biggest fear?

I am afraid of heights.

Imagine you could be an animal for one day, which one would you choose?

A turtle, because they live a long and calm life.

You can only play one song for the rest of your life, which one?

Mia by Gorki, it's a song which has always appealed to me and I never get tired of it.

Top results
  1. GC GC Olympia's Tour Vlag
    Season: 2023
  1. GC GC Tour of Taihu Lake Vlag
    Season: 2023
  1. GC GC 4 Jours de Dunkerque / Grand Prix des Hauts de France Vlag
    Season: 2024
  1. Paris-Roubaix Vlag
    Season: 2024
  1. Circuit Franco-Belge Vlag
    Season: 2024
  1. stage Circuit des Ardennes Vlag
    Season: 2022
  1. Duracell Dwars door het Hageland Vlag
    Season: 2024
  1. Eschborn-Frankfurt Vlag
    Season: 2024
  1. GC GC Circuit des Ardennes Vlag
    Season: 2022
  1. Memorial Philippe Van Coningsloo Vlag
    Season: 2022
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