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Orbea, a Spanish company founded in 1840, creates and manufactures unique bikes to inspire riders who share their passion for cycling and their belief in a fair society.

“Create and manufacture”

Our closeness to our users and the manufacturing process allows us to design, develop, and build personalized bikes.


“Unique bikes”

Our creativity does not start and end in Orbea – we use it to develop innovative solutions that give our users the opportunity to activate their own creativity. Each bicycle should be as individual as the person riding it.


“Passionate riders”

As passionate riders, we believe every demanding and ambitious rider deserves the most advanced solution – that provides excellence to achieve excellence, that enables them to reach their full potential.


“Riders who believe in a fair society”

We want riders to understand that cycling is a part of something bigger – who value that Orbea does things the right way, without compromise – who understand our bicycles are a catalyst for a fairer, more sustainable society.