ProTeam Lotto Soudal partners up with Airofit for breathing training

The team will use the smart breathing training system - to step up its breathing game.
General 16 March 2022

Lotto Soudal is happy to announce a partnership with Airofit – the world’s first smart breathing training system - to step up its breathing game from this season onwards. Backed by science, breathing training is proven to bring significant physical performance and mental health benefits, and therefore the team is glad to bring Airofit on board as a partner.  

Lotto Soudal rider Tim Wellens is an avid fan of the Airofit breathing device. “With an 82-day breath training streak, my breathing exercises have become a ritual in my daily training”, explains Tim Wellens. “I use Airofit not only to improve my lung muscles and lung capacity, but also for relaxation and mental health exercises. With the user-friendly application, you can easily follow your progress and monitor your training sessions”. 

It might not be commonly known but insufficient breathing capacity is often a limiting factor in sports performance. Combine that with riding position where the riders are crunched over and their abdomens are squeezed, the lungs have even less space to expand. With the help of Airofit, Lotto Soudal aims to improve its riders’ respiratory strength, increase the accessible lung capacity, optimize oxygen delivery to the muscles and even simulate altitude training through breath-hold exercises.  


Airofit is the world’s first smart breathing training system designed to improve people’s health, general wellness, physical performance – in Lotto Soudal’s case, cycling performance. The Airofit PRO breathing trainer offers adjustable resistance levels for smooth training progression and contains electronics that measure your lung function. Via Bluetooth, the data is sent to your smartphone where the app gives you live guidance and feedback to ensure correct training. Since Airofit measures your individual lung function, it gives you a completely personalized training program based on your lung data, age, sex, size and training goal.