Ladies Lotto Dstny Ladies selection part of 15 riders next season

Again a strong focus on developing young talents.
General 19 October 2022

The Lotto Dstny Ladies Team has finalised its selection for the 2023 season. The team will consist of fifteen riders, with again a strong focus on developing young talents.

From the end of last season, a new approach has been taken with the women’s team, that of developing and supporting talent. The continental development team has raced a mixed program the past year including Classics, stage races with plenty of climbing but also events of the Lotto Cycling Cup. A mix of Belgian and non-Belgian talents was given the opportunity – through the support of the professional team’s infrastructure – to further develop themselves. Next year, the team will continue along this path, explains sports manager Kurt Van de Wouwer.

“To reduce the step between the women’s junior and pro category, we deliberately chose another strategy at the end of last year, that of developing young talent, both Belgian and across the borders. The role our team plays in the women’s ranks is crucial, as there is no or hardly any U23 category. From the juniors, you immediately end up in the elite peloton. We raced a balanced program in which every rider had the chance to further discover and improve the specific qualities”, begins Kurt Van de Wouwer.

“With such a young team, we can’t expect results at the highest level straightaway. Nevertheless, several ladies performed really well the past season and showed to have the necessary talent to make it. Next year, the goal is to further build on the foundations we laid this season. The riders who stay in the team, have an additional year of experience and we have also signed some reinforcements. With Fauve Bastiaenssen (24), Julie Hendrickx (19) and Julie Nicolaes (18) we added three young Belgian talents to the team. Julie Sap (30) is a bit older but she only discovered cycling recently and immediately took the Belgian time trial title at club level this year. With the Finnish Wilma Aintila (18), the Dutch Quinty Van de Guchte (23) and the Danish Mette Egtoft Jensen (21), we have also attracted three non-Belgian talents. Dirk Onghena will function as sports director, like he did last year and with Grace Verbeke we have also appointed an additional and very experienced DS. For this roster of fifteen ladies in total, we will make up a balanced race schedule, so everyone can further develop themselves on their specific terrain”, concludes Kurt Van de Wouwer.

Selection Lotto Dstny Ladies 2023: Wilma Aintila, Fauve Bastiaenssen, Kristyna Burlova, Katrijn De Clercq, Mieke Docx, Mijntje Geurts, Esmée Gielkens, Julie Hendrickx, Mette Egtoft Jensen, Julie Nicolaes, Julie Sap, Marla Nicole Sigmund, Ines Van de Paar, Quinty Van de Guchte and Sterre Vervloet.