ProTeam Team statement on Lennert Van Eetvelt

Team puts rider on non-active for the time being, pending further investigation.
General 22 April 2023

On Friday 21 April, Lotto Dstny was informed by its rider Lennert Van Eetvelt about an “alleged breach of anti-doping laws” during the Tour des Alpes Maritimes et du Var on 19 February. “We have talked to our rider and medical staff and are confident in a good outcome”, the team says, “but we are following the established procedures and therefore put Lennert on non-active for the time being, pending further investigation.”

The substance referred to in the dossier is an authorised substance, found in a nasal spray that is freely available and authorised in competition, if mentioned during a control and when its use is in accordance with the package leaflet.

“My world was turned upside down for a moment yesterday”, says Lennert Van Eetvelt, “no rider wants to receive such a letter. I also don’t really understand what happened. At the doping control, I clearly mentioned that I was taking the nasal spray, as I have already done before in my career. I am not aware of any wrongdoing and hope this is just a mistake and this nightmare will end soon.” Lennert took the nasal spray in consultation with his medical supervisor.

On Saturday morning, Van Eetvelt sat down with the team’s board of directors and explained the situation, together with the team doctor. “We had a good consultation, listened to what happened to him and we are confident in a good outcome”, the team stated. “The team applies a strict zero-tolerance policy and therefore Lennert has been put on non-active. We want to stress that this is in no way a conviction but merely the application of the MPCC (Mouvement pour un Cyclisme Crédible) guidelines. It also gives Lennert time to substantiate his case in the best way possible.”

Lennert Van Eetvelt will not make any further comments and the press is asked to respect his privacy.