ProTeam Eduardo Sepulveda stays with Lotto Dstny for two more years

Contract extension for Eduardo Sepúlveda
General Team 18 September 2023

Eduardo Sepulveda (32) has extended his contract at Lotto Dstny with two more years. The Argentinean is riding his first season within the Belgian ProTeam and has already proven himself countless times as an experienced climber and a valued teammate. Besides, Sepulveda managed to get some results himself; at the end of July he took home the overall victory at the Vuelta a Castilla y Léon by winning the final stage. As the first ever Argentinean leading a Grand Tour classification, Sepulveda even made a little cycling history in the youngest Vuelta a España, where he wore a few days the KOM jersey.

“Eduardo is an important part of our climber’s squad and with over ten seasons as a pro, he gathered lots of experience. And he wants to continue passing on that expertise to the young climbers at Lotto Dstny. Not only is Eduardo a valued and respected teammate, he grabs his own chances as well. Proof of that is the stage and overall victory at Castilla y Léon and he is also showed some nice things at La Vuelta’, says CEO Stéphane Heulot. 

“From the moment that I met the team, I immediately felt at home”, says Sepulveda. “So I am really happy to continue the adventure at Lotto Dstny. Within the team, the riders are perfectly surrounded by professionals, who make sure that we only have to think about riding our bikes. Besides, our own feedback or suggestions are also taken into account, which makes for a really positive environment.” 

The Argentinean wants to fulfil a double role within Lotto Dstny in the upcoming years. “I love to share my experience and it gives me great satisfaction when my teammates obtain good results. The dynamic between the young and more experienced riders within the team is something I feel very comfortable with. Giving advice during the race, in mutual communication with the DS’s, which leads to a victory just gives me a great feeling. And in the races where I get a free role, I still want to grab my opportunities, like I did at Vuelta Castilla y Léon.” 

Picture: PhotoNews