Development Liam Van Bylen wins Zuidkempense Pijl

Liam Van Bylen (19) has won the 60th edition of the Zuidkempense Pijl. The rider from the Lotto Dstny Development Team was the fastest in the sprint.
Race 17 March 2024

Impressive teamwork in Mol, where the anniversary edition of the Zuidkempense Pijl for U23 was on the schedule. Liam Van Bylen crossed the finish line first after encountering some bad luck in the finale. "I didn't believe in it anymore because I had expended a lot of energy, but the team immediately brought me back to the front and executed a great sprint," a proud Van Bylen says. 

"It was a very fast race, with the selection already made on the first cobblestone section. At Ten Aard, which is practically the decisive point of the race, a group of about 30 riders formed, including all the 'Lotto boys'. I felt good and made sure they knew it, and they kept me in a great position and could drop me off well-placed for the final cobblestone section." 

However, it almost went wrong at the start of that final section. "My handlebars broke, causing my shifter to dangle down," Van Bylen adds. "Our car was too far behind, so I was on my own until I could switch bikes 5 kilometers from the finish. I didn't believe in victory anymore, but when I managed to catch up again, the guys immediately brought me to the front and led out the sprint for me. Of course, I am extremely happy that I could finish their work. My teammates have done work that I can only be proud of." 


Pictures: Brecht Steenhouwer / RTV