Algemeen Staff Stories - chef Eros: "Fresh bread is my absolute speciality."

Behind every strong cyclist stands an equally strong team. In our new series 'Staff Stories', we would like to introduce the people who ensure that Lotto Dstny runs like a well-oiled machine every day. Today: chef Eros.
General Team 22 March 2024

As a young chef, he once had the opportunity to cook for Queen Elizabeth herself. Today, he stirs the pots for Lotto Dstny. Since this year, Eros Stangherlin (65) has been serving his finest dishes to the riders. He resides in Flanders this week to supply the team from the hotel kitchen for the spring classics. His favorite? "Fresh bread," he proudly says. "Only fresh slices come to the table here; bread is my absolute specialty." 

Eros has been working in cycling for years. He has cooked for the Italian and German national teams, as well as various cycling teams. Since February, he has been behind the stove for Lotto Dstny. And in his kitchen, the rules are strict: "Order and cleanliness, that's rule number one and the most important one. I can only serve the riders the best quality. The expiration date must always be checked, and the kitchen must be spotless. Only then can I start cooking." 

The day before the race is usually the busiest for Eros. "If the riders have breakfast at 8 o'clock, I start the day at 6:30. I prepare breakfast, the evening meal, their recovery meal rich in proteïns for after the race... Often I also bake a banana bread or something extra. It's busy, but cooking for the riders is not so difficult: at Lotto Dstny, they like everything (laughs)." Eros is Italian. So, it's not surprising that every dish has an Italian touch. "I sometimes use olives into my bread, for example. And of course, pizza is also one of my specialties. Although the riders can't always taste it, of course." 

Eros will stay in Flanders for the next two weeks. There isn't much time for relaxation, but if possible, he jumps on the bike for a ride. "I brought my cycling shoes from Italy and can borrow a bike from our osteopath. Cycling is the ultimate relaxation for me between cooking." 



Picture: Orbea