Development Joshua Giddings sprints to second place in Olympia's Tour

Joshua Giddings (20) finished second in the fourth stage of the Olympia's Tour. "It was an extremely hectic race, but we worked well together as a team."
Race 23 March 2024

The stage between Gieten and Ruurlo, 168 kilometers long, was the longest so far. With winds reaching up to 30 kilometers per hour, it was also the most challenging one. "After just five kilometers, the peloton broke into pieces," says Joshua Giddings. "From that point, I knew it was crucial to stay in the front throughout the day, while also trying to stay out of the wind as much as possible. I managed to do that until halfway through the race when we encountered some climbs and even stronger winds, causing the peloton to completely shatter."

Giddings found himself in a third echelon. "Fortunately, thanks to perfect teamwork in the final 40 kilometers, we managed to rejoin the leading group. I didn't want to get caught again and stayed constantly in the front. It was necessary because it seemed like you had to be ready for anything. There were constant attacks and a few crashes in the narrow streets. It was crucial to stay within the first ten."

With 15 kilometers to go, Joshua Giddings was part of a ten-man leading group heading towards the finish line. "The yellow jersey was also there, so we could let them do the work. I knew it would ultimately come down to a sprint, and I went all out. It's unfortunate that I couldn't win; it was so close, but I can't be unhappy after such a hectic and long race."

Tomorrow, the final stage of the Olympia's Tour is still on the agenda. Lorenz Van de Wynkele remains the leader in the intermediate sprints classification.


Picture: Olympia's Tour