Development Lotto Dstny Devo youngsters Robin Orins and Jarno Widar are ready for the Volta NXT Classic

Ahead of the Volta NXT Classic, we spoke with the two youngsters from the Lotto Dstny Devo Team Robin Orins (22) and Jarno Widar (18).
Race 30 March 2024

"The goal is to win the Volta NXT Classic with the team. It will be a nervous race, and personally I'm more into longer climbs, but the succession of all the short climbs will just make it a hard race, which could play in my advantage", Robin Orins looks ahead. "I often train on the roads of the course, the climbs are very explosive and punchy, not really my cup of tea, but every race is a new chance to also improve my positioning skills", Jarno Widar adds.

There are still some differences in riding with the pros, Orins explains. "The races with the pros are more organised, riding in the U23 races is more hectic. To ride a final in the pro races just asks that you have that extra effort in the legs. Another difference is riding with the communication in the ears in the pro races, I see it as a big advantage as the sports director leads you through the course, the important parts and the dangers."

"It's my second year with the Lotto Dstny Devo Team, I feel well here. The team has completely changed compared to last year, a lot of new young riders who bring a new good vibe, I'm like the dad of the Devo Team", Orins smiles. "There's a good atmosphere, which makes me also feeling well in the team", Widar says, who won the Ronde van Limburg in March. "My season started well with a win, but at the same time my real goals such as Liège-Bastogne-Liège still need to come. In the future I hope to develop as a grand tour rider, the Tour de France is something I dream of."

Robin Orins won the test time trial in Borlo last week, he hopes to make it into the pro ranks next year. "The month of April is important, Paris-Roubaix next week is highlighted in red. It will be special and hard, with Tijl De Decker in our minds."


Pictures: PhotoNews & Brecht Steenhouwer