Development Lotto Dstny Development Team on 1 and 2 in 'H4A Internationaal Beloftenweekend'

What a brilliant weekend for the Lotto Dstny Devo Team: after Steffen De Schuyteneer (19) claimed victory in Friday's opening stage of the 'H4A Internationaal Beloftenweekend', he also won today's final stage and secured the overall classification. Robin Orins (22) finished second.
04 May 2024

Steffen De Schuyteneer collected some nice achievements during the 'H4A Internationaal Beloftenweekend': winner of the opening stage in Terneuzen, second in Saturday morning's individual time trial, and winner of the cobblestone stage on Saturday afternoon. Not surprisingly, De Schuyteneer can also be called the overall winner of the two-day race in the Netherlands. "We came here with a strong team that wanted to make the race hard and win," says Steffen. "We succeeded in both. We're taking two victories home and finishing first and second in the GC. So, I can only say thank you, team. This is not just my victory, it's also the team's."

Not only De Schuyteneer but also Robin Orins earned a place on the podium. After finishing third in both Terneuzen and the time trial in Sas van Gent, and sixth in the last stage, he secured second place in the GC of the U23 weekend. Moreover, the Lotto Dstny Devolopment Team was pretty comfortable in the GC after the time trial. "We were always where we needed to be- today, Milan De Ceuster and Thomas Vuerinckx were in the front all day- and had a comfortable lead after two races," De Schuyteneer adds. "Admittedly, I didn't have the best legs when we started the third race, but they fortunately came back as the race progressed. We never really got into trouble. After all those podium finishes this season, I'm glad I can finally take the win. It feels really good."