Development 1, 2, 3 and 4 for Lotto Dstny in Omloop Het Nieuwsblad U23

What an achievement: the entire podium of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad U23 is painted in red and blue. Robin Orins wins, Matys Grisel finishes second, Liam Van Bylen third. Joshua Giddings completes the party with a fourth place.
26 May 2024

Hand in hand: that's how Robin Orins (22) and Matys Grisel (18) crossed the finish line in Herzele. Robin as first, Matys Grisel as second. In the background, Liam Van Bylen (19) sprinted to third place, Joshua Giddings (20) to fourth. A wonderful day for the Lotto Dstny Development Team, dominating the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad U23.

Already on the Leberg, Orins shook things up. "Just before that, on the Haaghoek, I knew I had to move up front, because this is where the race would be made. It worked out, and on the Leberg, I immediately broke away with someone else. Even though I felt incredibly strong, I knew it would be tough with just the two of us. That's why on the Hostellerie, I went à bloc a second time. That's when Matys, Joshua, and two other guys joined me. A much better situation. But a group caught up from behind, so I had no choice but to push hard again on the Molenberg."

With success, because Orins managed to break away again on that attack with teammate Matys Grisel, and the two companions stayed out in front for the rest of the race. "Matys was unbelievably strong. At one point, we were two minutes ahead. He really pulled me along to the finish line, my legs were completely empty and he kept pulling. He gave me a wonderful gift here. Matys is in his first year, but what he's showing here… I can only thank him for today's teamwork. He's going to be a great rider."

Van Bylen and Giddings finishing third and fourth only adds to the celebration. "We've been attacking aggressively all season, and it's often rewarded with first and second places. But now, one, two, three and four… that's fantastic. I'm truly thrilled with this victory. The Omloop Het Nieuwsblad for U23 might not be a UCI race, but its reputation speaks for itself. I'm placing this high on the list."


Picture: Brecht Steenhouwer