Algemeen Top pro cycling teams create Web3 fan universe

Professional cycling will take a step into the future with the launch of a new platform called Road Code.
General 22 December 2022

Professional cycling will take a step into the future with the launch of a new platform called Road Code, which is built on Web3 technology and will give fans, teams and riders a place to come together in a single community.

Road Code is being developed in a partnership between Velon, the company owned by the world’s top cycling teams, and The HBAR Foundation. Together, they are delivering the first fan universe in pro cycling built on the Hedera public network.

Unlike today’s centralised social media channels, Road Code is the next generation of platform, offering fans ownership via the representation of in-game assets, digital collectibles and team access tokens, all stored securely in a personal digital vault.

Content is at the heart of the Road Code platform, which is set for a first phase launch for the start of the 2023 season. Teams and riders will be delivering all access content to take fans behind the scenes and through the ups and downs of their lives at races and beyond. Velon’s proprietary live data system will be integrated with Road Code, delivering new insights into how fast and how hard teams and riders are performing in races. The platform will be the new home for the ever-popular on-bike footage which Velon has pioneered over the past seven years.

Road Code will also contain a new and unique rider ranking system based not on what the riders won but on who they beat. The new system will open the sport to fans in new ways - showing them the team and riders’ rankings for sprints, climbs, one day and Grand Tour racing. In time, amateur riders will be able to make direct comparisons between their performances and the elite. Gaming will be a part of Road Code, starting with a Fantasy Game complete with assets which fans can own and trade.

Yana Seel, Chief Business Officer at Lotto Soudal said: “Together, we have been working on the creation of Road Code for a long time. To be able to bring everything cycling has to offer together in one place, is a crucial next step for us as cycling community, Velon and our team. The sport needs these kinds of initiatives to continue to grow. This offers huge new opportunities for our fans, our sponsors and our team.”

Graham Bartlett, CEO, Velon, said: “Our mission is to create a first-of-its-kind platform that grants access to the most relevant and exciting cycling content for fans and sports lovers around the world. Road Code’s mission is to bring the best from the teams to the fans by creating a new community the fans can truly be part of. We want to invite everyone to participate in building the digital cycling universe of the future.”

The Hedera network [native token: $HBAR] is dedicated to having a limited carbon footprint and has adopted environmental sustainability as a core value - officially committing to carbon-negative network operations.

Road Code is being built by Reality+ gaming studio, the Web3 developer partner, & Immortal Projects, a Danish venture studio who are building on the Hedera ecosystem and supported by The HBAR Foundation.

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