ProTeam Alec Segaert steps up to ProTeam Lotto Dstny

The racing calendar of the 20-year-old Belgian, that holds some important goals in the U23 category, will not change.
General 24 February 2023

After evaluating Alec Segaert’s first two months of the season, it was decided he will step up to the ProTeam. His racing calendar, that holds some important goals in the U23 category, will not change.

Sports manager Kurt Van de Wouwer explains the decision: “Alec Segaert is one of the biggest talents of our development team. That is why last season we already agreed on a contract until 2025. Together with him, we have made an individual plan which we believe suits his development best. We will stick to that plan, even though he will be a professional rider now. Alec still has some important goals in the U23 category and he will still be able to pursue those goals as a member of our ProTeam. We have the opportunity to select riders from our ProTeam in races where we participate with our Development Team. By stepping up now, he will be an immediate added value to the ProTeam as well, and help build the future of the team.”

During the team camp in January, where Alec Segaert already trained with the ProTeam, the plan grew to take the collaboration to a next level already. “At the end of last season, I already felt that I had taken a big step forward and this was confirmed during the team camp in January”, says Alec Segaert. “Every young rider dreams of becoming a pro. I am proud that this dream already becomes a reality. Of course, I still have a lot to learn and therefore I am happy that my personal development comes first at Lotto Dstny. Here, I will be able to combine pro races, U23 races and my studies as a pro rider.”

Images: Facepeeters.

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