Development Branko Huys (22) ends cycling career

The Lotto Dstny Development rider will stop racing.
General 13 June 2023

Branko Huys, rider of the Lotto Dstny Development Team will stop racing. The 22-year-old Belgian joined the Development Team of Lotto Dstny in 2022 but ends his cycling career due to medical reasons.

“At the end of last year, I underwent a heart ablation to resolve cardiac arrhythmia. I would have been able to continue racing without that surgery but to perform optimally, I chose to have the operation. Afterwards, I never really felt great again on the bike. I was told that it would improve over time, but I still haven’t had any improvements so I took the decision myself to stop”, says Branko Huys.

Most of all, Huys looks back on his time as a cyclist with pride and will remember the positive side of things. “Of course, it’s a pity that I need to hang up my wheels as a bike racer but I’m definitely not the only one who’s forced to stop due to medical reasons or crashes. I am especially looking back on my time as a cyclist with a nice feeling and I will remember the positive things. Of course, several performances will stick in my memory like winning the Belgian TTT championships last year or my two participations at the Junior ITT World Championships. But most of all I will remember the team spirit and atmosphere. The fact that you’re underway with the team and work together towards a common goal is something really special. That way, I could always rise above myself. Unfortunately I am saying goodbye to cycling but there will definitely be other adventures crossing my path”, concludes the 22-year-old Huys.

Image: Photo News.

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